Anyone who wants to change the user interface or want to contribute can help willing t this community as proper credits would be given to the one who helps.

All the practicals outputs and study material provided are only for reference purposes. Not everything you read might be right, you need to be the judge in that part.

Anything wrong information found on the website can be rectified as soon as possible just contact me with the right amount of information, it should be changed as soon as possible.

This blog comes with a motive to help students with information and get notes for particular subject when they are absent or not at the college.

You can direct notifications to your mobile or computer by clicking on “Allow” pop-up when the website loads

Either way if you want  emails on your email ID you can subscribe to the site and get email updates in your inbox directly.

If you'd like your College content on this site you can share with me personally or i can give you admin access so that you can share your college information, if you are interested contact me.

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