DMBI notes #2


  1. Characteristics and determination
  2. Association analysis
  3. Classification
  4. Cluster analysis
  5. Outlier analysis

Architecture of typical data mining systems

Major issues in data mining

  • Mining methodology and user interaction issues

  1. Mining different kinds of knowledge in databases
  2. Interactive mining knowledge at multiple levels of abstraction.
  3. Data mining query languages.
  4. Presentation and visualization of data mining results
  5. Incorporation od background knowledge
  6. Handling noisy or incomplete data.
  7. Pattern Evaluation.

  • Performance Issues

  1. Efficiency and Scalability of data mining algorithms.
  2. Parallel and distributed data mining algorithms.

  • Issues related to diversity of data types

  1. Handling of complex data types.
  2. Mining from heterogenous database.
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