Added google analytics to get information about the visitors and what type of information has been visited and viewed over the website.

Added feedburner for email subscription of students to give them updates as soon as possible in their INBOX.

Template changed to getter a better user experience over the website for easier navigation and performance.

Added direct pdf viewing on the website so that there is no need to download, you can view directly on the web.

Favicon changed and created with

You can search with any type of data you want, specific tags have been applied to give proper search results. Use search bar to get any type of information.

V1.1      dt. 20/1/2017

Changed to mailchimp email subscription because was having some issues with the feedburner subscriptions service.

Added contact, about, Downloads page. Make sure you read those before making any judgements.

Sitemap Submitted to google webmaster so that now the crawlers and spiders can do the indexing for the website A.K.A (Offpage SEO optimization) learn more over here.

Added Google Chrome, mozilla and safari push notification feature via pushify so that you can get instant updates on your mobile direclty. learn more over here.

V1.2 dt 26/1/2017

weka software added in downloads section

sitemap tab is created so you can find all posts published on the blog just like a static webpage.

tinted Chrome address bar feature added, to get more immersive user experience. Whenever you view the blog from any Smartphone via Chrome you can see the notification and address bar color changes.

V1.2         dt. 28/1/2017

New menu bar added regarding all the practicals, which contains easy access to all subjects instead of finding every experiment individually. Hence, improve user experience.
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